2022 Rolex Cellini Time-Replica Guide

The Cellini Collection is a collection inspired by the revered artist, goldsmith, and papal sculptor of the Italian Renaissance, Benvenuto Cellini, a representative of the Deco in Mannerist sculpture who advocated at that time. The only artist to restore heroism in sculpture. It also explains why the Cellini series has a robust literary atmosphere.

One of the reasons why the Cellini series is said to be noble is that, like the day-date watch, it is all made of precious metal, and there is no steel watch, so the price is slightly higher.

The classic round case diameter 39 mm, double bezel with domed bezel and triangular grooved bezel, flared screw-down crown, all dials lacquered or black or silver-plated Classic ‘rayon flammé de la Gloire radial pattern with applied gold applied hour markers.

The dial layout depends on the different functions of the watch. The entire Cellini series can be divided into three categories:

Cellini Time is a model of the classic three-pin.

Cellini Date indicates the calendar through the hands of the sub-dial.

Cellini Dual Time can display the time in two time zones simultaneously.

Each of these three categories is available in 18 ct white or everose gold, with dials available in black or silver for 12 styles.

This article will introduce the Rolex Cellini Series Cellini Time in detail. This series is simple and restrained. Based on inheriting the essence of traditional watchmaking, Cellini Time watches have made a new attempt in modern style: a new patented crown design with a flared inner lock, a narrow and elegant Roman numeral display separated by a minute track. I am amazed by the harmonious combination of the hour markers with the length of Roman numerals.

The Cellini Time watch is an example of classic watchmaking. The only display of hours, minutes, and seconds must be delicately distributed as a daily timepiece on a white or black lacquered dial. The large three-pin design used in this Cellini Time series is straightforward, with a self-winding chronograph movement. It is simply flawless. The Cellini Time watch is equipped with an elegant and stylish shiny black alligator leather strap with an 18ct gold clasp, which is thoughtful and comfortable, and aptly shows its elegance.

The new Cellini Time models in the Rolex Cellini collection continue to interpret watchmaking tradition’s most refined and charming aspects – absolutely noble and elegant. Hours, minutes, and seconds are essential elements of daily timekeeping. Cellini Time has no distractions and strives to grasp the present and capture the beautiful moments of every minute and second. Cellini Time is undoubtedly the witness of the momentous moment.

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