A low-key and luxurious platinum replica watch recommended

Platinum, also known as Pt for short, as a naturally formed white precious metal, has always been regarded as one of the rarest and noblest metals. Corrosion and other characteristics have become indispensable materials for luxury jewelry watches. This article will introduce three representative platinum replica watches.

Rolex Day-Date 118346 1 Men’s Automatic 36mm Platinum Set with Diamonds

Rolex Day-Date 118206 Men’s Automatic 36mm Platinum

Rolex Day-Date 118364 Men’s Automatic 36mm Platinum with Diamonds

Watch reviews:

These three Rolex day-date models are very distinctive. The original platinum DAY-DATE has two characteristics, one is the aperture, and the other is platinum material with an ice blue disc. The difficulty is too great. There is no pit pattern, which is a dog tooth ring. For the platinum material, Rolex always uses 950 platinum. The alloy contains 950‰ (per thousand) Platinum and is carefully cast by Rolex’s superb metal craftsmen. The platinum Oyster case has a diameter of 36 mm. It was a new design that year. The platinum bezel is polished and matched with the platinum and platinum diamond-set dials specially developed by Rolex.

The visual effect is perfect. It is set at 3 o’clock, and the curved day display window is at midnight. The watch was also the first batch of models equipped with the 3255 movements that year. As a Rolex movement with 14 patents, it showed excellent precision, power reserve, shock resistance, anti-magnetic, and reliability. And the watch is equipped with a head-type platinum bracelet.

The popularity of day-date watches is evident to all. Their simple design is unforgettable. And the price is very reasonable. After all, who can say no to “cheap and good” products? This article will introduce this day-date watch in detail, which combines the classic elements of the brand with sports elements, and it is still classic no matter how long it has passed.

In today’s era, the day-date watch is not a trendy style. After all, the styling elements of the entire look have not changed much for over half a century. With the continuous modification and optimization of details, it is difficult for you to easily perceive it from first sight. Still, for many Rolex players, a week-date watch is one of the must-have Rolex watches all day long. One.

The weekday calendar is the noblest and noble example. The case it uses is made of 950 platinum or 18ct gold, precious material. The outer ring is available in triangular anti-pattern, polished, or inlaid beloved gemstone designs. At the same time, there are different styles, colors, and materials for the day-date type to choose them. These exquisite designs make the Day Date type even more outstanding. The Day-Date uses an Oyster case, a fully sealed Oyster case giving the precision movement the most sophisticated protection against water, dust, pressure, and shocks. Water-resistant to 100 meters, it can wear at any time.

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