Seeing Accuracy, Your Guide to the Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica

Rolex presents the new Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller, a classic watch designed for globetrotters, the perfect combination of technical sophistication and ease of operation. It debuted in gold steel (combination of 904L steel and 18ct gold) and white gold steel (combination of 904L steel and 18ct white gold). The surface is equipped with rectangular Chromalight luminous hands and hour markers, which emit long-lasting light and are easy to read. As with all Rolex watches, the new Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller has received the top chronometer certification established by Rolex in 2015.

Sky-Dweller brings together 11 patents to provide global travelers with the information they need to keep track of time during their journeys in a new way: watch features include two-time zone displays, each with a central hand indicating the local time and a 24-hour off-axis The dial shows the departure time. This watch can display dual time zone time at the same time. The central hand indicates the local time, and the off-axis dial shows the departure time, making the Sky-Dweller read clearly and uniquely.

The Sky-Dweller allows the wearer to adjust the watch to the desired time zone on the go while also clearly displaying the departure time. The traditional central hour, minute, and second hands indicate the local time. The hour hand can be adjusted independently and moves clockwise or counterclockwise in one-hour increments so that the time can easily change. The minute and second hands are not affected when adjusted local time. The operation will not affect the display of the departure time. In addition, the watch will not stop running during adjustment so that the time can be kept accurate. The date changes with the wearer’s local time, within milliseconds of midnight. Therefore, the date displayed in the small window is always the wearer’s location.

The Sky-Dweller watch enjoys a sunburst dial covered with a long-lasting blue light material, presenting an excellent gradient blue visual enjoyment. The skeleton hands and the hour markers of the watch are covered with an easy-to-read Chromalight bright display, which can clearly show the current time even in a dark environment, which is very convenient. A central hand indicates the local time in the annual calendar function. The home time is presented by a rotating off-axis disc, characterized by a fixed red inverted triangle mark.

The unique 24-hour display panel design makes it easy to distinguish between day and night at home, and you will not be confused because of the same time in the morning and evening. In addition, the design of point time scales for odd numbers and Arabic numerals for even numbers not only intuitively separates the spacing between the time scales but also makes the layout of the disk more beautiful and very user-friendly.

They are equipped with the 9001 self-winding movements developed by Rolex, with seven patents. Among the movements produced by the brand, this movement is one of the most sophisticated. This movement’s sophisticated construction, precision work, and innovative elements make the watch precise and reliable.

Guaranteed water-resistant to 100 meters, the Sky-Dweller case is the epitome of ruggedness. The uniquely shaped middle case is cast in one piece of solid 904L steel. The triangular grooved bottom cover is screwed with a unique tool exclusive to the brand to seal the case, so only a Rolex watchmaker can open the movement. The winding crown has a double-lock double waterproof system and is firmly screwed to the topic.

The mirror surface is made of blue crystal, which is not easy to scratch. A small window convex lens at 3 o’clock makes it easy to read the calendar. The Sky-Dweller’s water-resistant Oyster case provides optimum protection for the exact movement.

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326135 326135 Automatic winding 42 MM rose gold

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326138 326135 Automatic winding 42 MM rose gold

Rolex Sky-dweller 326139 Men’s – Aaa White Gold Case

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